Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dick Cheney Fox News Sunday Interview (VIDEO)

Yid With Lid has the full interview, "Full Transcript of Dick Cheney Fox News Sunday Interview." See also, "RAW DATA: Transcript of Cheney on 'FOX News Sunday'." And the Swamp, "Cheney: Torture probe 'Offends Hell Out of Me'" (Via Memeorandum).

Andrew Sullivan, hysterical as always, isn't happy with Chris Wallace's mode of interviewing:
Now look: there are softball interviews; and then there are interviews like this. It cannot be described as journalism in any fashion. Even as propaganda, which is its point, it doesn't work - because it's far too cloying and supportive of Cheney to be convincing to anyone outside the true-believers. When it comes to Cheney, one of the most incompetent vice-presidents in the country's history, with a record of two grotesquely botched wars, war crimes and a crippling debt, Chris Wallace sounds like a teenage girl interviewing the Jonas Brothers.
Lots more commentary at Memeorandum and RealClearPoltics (video).


Mark Harvey said...

Andrew Sullivan: dirtball.

Dave said...

Sullivan, as per always, is full of it.

Cheney was not the CIC, and his signature appears on not one single spending bill that became law during the Bush years.

And speaking of crippling debt, has this goober-cheese of a "journalist" not been paying attention to the $12 Trillion his messiah blew right out of the treasury? Has he not noticed his hero chairman Obama has quite literally quadrupled the deficit?

As for the "botched wars," if they do ultimately fail, it will be due to the incompetence, or indifference, of Barack Hussein Obama.

Chris Wallace, a self-professed registered democrat, is probably the best interviewer on television, and I think he pretty much treats everybody the same way.


dave in boca said...

Sullivan and his "ex-" Glenn Greenwald are frothing at the oral orifice about Jenna Bush and Dick Cheney, anything to take the focus off the plummeting flame-out of ObamaCare which the Dems want to name after Soviet conspirator/MADD poster boy FatBoy TK.

And Sullivan demonstrates, as Dave notes, the total witlessness of Dem attacks on Cheney, who wasn't the one who crippled the US with debt. That Won would be Dear Leader Obambi and his two-digit $trillion in one year.....

Wallace is unbiased, which sets this girly-boy howling as he pines for Glenn, Barney, and the Boys in Brazil that Glenn introduced him to. And his mindlessness on Trig and Sarah approaches Garrido in whack-job feckless psychosis.

Meanwhile, has Chief Judge Alex Kozinski of the Ninth Circus Court pulled his porn site off the web? Just asking....