Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lockerbie Bomber Gets Hero's Welcome in Libya: Victims' Families Outraged at Mass Murderer's Release; White House 'Deeply Disappointed' at Injustice

CNN has the story, "Most Families Outraged at Pan Am 103 Bomber's Release":

"I feel sick. I feel depressed and outraged. I mean, I am just heartbroken," said Susan Cohen, whose daughter Theodora, a 20-year-old Syracuse University music student, was killed in the bombing ... I feared they would do this," she said. "Now that they've made friends with Gadhafi ... the Western countries want to give him everything that he wants, appease him. He wanted [Abdelbeset Ali Mohmed al] Megrahi, they are rushing Megrahi out; they aren't even giving this a day. And the tiny little shred of justice we had is gone."
And, check the CBS interview with victims' families, as well as the Fox clip below of the extended cheers and applause on the ground in Libya:

Plus, from Fox News, "White House: U.S. 'Deeply Regrets' Release of Lockerbie Bomber." And more from Fox, "Lockerbie Bomber Freed From Prison on Compassionate Grounds."


Dave said...

Western society is in a fight for its very survival.

It's just too bad so many members of same refuse to recognize that.


Trish said...

Nothing, absolutely nothing surprises me anymore. The world IS upside down.
And if we're not very careful, we're all going to fall off!

Lisa said...

Even though he is dying,he should not be trusted and he should still be monitored.