Saturday, August 29, 2009

Coloradans For Peace: Troop Welcome Parade 'Fosters Harmful Jingoist Message'

Michelle Malkin attended the welcome parade for returning veterans in Colorado Springs this morning. See, "Colorado Springs Welcomes Homes the Troops."

The Colorado Springs Gazette has the story as well. Forty-five thousand people took part, but notice this passage:

Along with the military supporters, the route was dotted with a handful of protesters packing signs that said "War No More." Coloradoans For Peace issued a press release saying the event is inappropriate because it glorifies war.

The military boosters who vastly outnumbered parade opponents didn't seem to mind the protest.

"It's America, they have the right," said retired Army Sgt. 1st Class Kent Crow, a Vietnam veteran who came to cheer the troops. "It's so minor here, it doesn't make an impact."
Amazing that our military personnel fight for freedoms such as this, from Coloradans For Peace, "CFP Condemns Colorado Springs Pro-War Parade":

Coloradans For Peace strongly condemns private and government plans to hold a military parade along the main public thoroughfare of Colorado Springs on August 29. Billed as an event to show appreciation for local soldiers, in reality the parade fosters a harmful jingoist message.

In a month which has seen the highest US-Afghanistan casualties since the war began, now is not the time to celebrate the redeployment of US troops. Although President Obama has increased the number of soldiers committed to the conflict, he was elected under the auspices of ending America’s ongoing wars. If the U.S. use of force has been judged misguided, is this the time to glamorize militarism?

The parade is organized as a RED, WHITE AND BRAVE WELCOME HOME, but its chief function is to shore up local support for war and enhance the recruitment of new teens. Isn’t that too high a price to pay for attempting to show active-duty soldiers our appreciation?

Military families want to show support for their troops, without showing support for the warmongering which has put them in harms way. It is CFP’s view that this Saturday’s parade does not permit its audience to project that distinction.

CFP recognizes there is a place for Veterans Day parades, as well as homecoming celebrations held on military grounds. There is no place however for a stridently pro-war march up the length of our downtown, to promote and glorify war.
Note that Coloradans for Peace is a member of the neo-Stalinist ANSWER coaltion. See, "End the Siege of Gaza! March on Washington, D.C. Saturday, June 6 Gaza Solidarity Day on the 42nd Anniversary of Israel's seizure of Gaza."

Check Michelle's page for more pictures from the event.