Monday, August 24, 2009

Jasmine Fiore Manhunt: Ryan Jenkins Found Dead in Canada Hotel Room

Being a local story, I followed the news of Jasmine Fiore with a little more interest than usual. I had just come home from dropping off my new course syllabi at the copy center at my school. Flipping on the TV, I caught the local ABC News report on the disovery of Jasmine Fiore's body in a garbage dumpster in Buena Park. (See, "Body Found in Suitcase is Missing Model.") As they often do, the newscasters showed a map of the area, and the approximate location of the apartment complex where the body was found. I had stopped for gas at an Arco station right near there on the way home, so it made the story even that much more compelling.

The story garned international news coverage with its celebrity/gossip tie-ins. And now that suspected killer Ryan Jenkins' body has been found, we can expect a good day's worth of news coverage through the early-week media cycle. Here's the local news video from KABC-TV Los Angeles, "
Ryan Jenkins Found Dead in Canada":

TMZ posted the story late last night, "Ryan Jenkins Dead -- Hangs Himself." Also, from KTLA-TV Los Angeles, "Police: Model Murder Suspect Hanged Himself." Plus, from CNN, "Suspect in Model's Murder Found Dead in Canada."

Related: In a development perfectly "shaped" for the forensic skills of
breast-expert Robert Stacy McCain, Jasmine Fiore's body was identified by her implants. A couple of related articles here. See, "Killer Removed Jasmine Fiore's Teeth, Fingers, Before Stuffing Her in a Suitcase," and "Murdered Model Identified by Breast Implants."


Dave said...

Well, at least this cretin saved the taxpayer's of California a ton of money.


john walsh said...

I guess you won't be seeing him on the next season of I love money.

Unknown said...

The relation between our two nations is unfortunately really bad.

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