Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Michele Bachmann: 'Now Is Not the Time to Take the Pressure Off'

Congresswoman Michele Bachman gave a must-see interview on last night's Sean Hannity. What's especially interesting to me, as one who's supported and defended Bachmann since she broke out as a target of the left last fall, is how increasingly penetrating her observations have become. At about 3:45 minutes, Bachmann notes that the town halls "are a wonderful thing ... we're actually seeing democracy in action, and it will be very difficult for Members of Congress to go back to Washington in September and clearly vote against their constituents' interests. None of them can say now that they didn't realize where the heartbeat of the American public is, and we'll truly see if the liberals in Congress are listenting to regular Americans." This is just gold!

Also, after blowing the lid off the alleged shelving of the public option, Bachmann says "the American people need to realize that they've been extremely effective with Congress ... now is not the time to give up, now is not the time to take the pressure off" because Democrats will move forward with some kind of public option.

Plus, conservative opposition to ObamaCare continues to influence public opinion. See Rasmussen, "
Without Public Option, Enthusiasm for Health Care Reform, Especially Among Democrats, Collapses" (via Memeorandum).


Tomas said...

Hey Donald do you have a copy of the "town hall action plan booklet"?

I hear you can pick one up at your local billion dollar medical insurance corp. They are handing them out for free!

Oh my god, its a hand out! whats going on, have the corps turned all Marxist on us?

The world is crashing.