Thursday, August 20, 2009

Guy With AR-15 at Obama Rally Was Black Dude: MSBNC Kinda Leaves That Part Out

Newsbusters and Hot Air have the story (via Memeorandum).

But Neptunus Lex really captures the heart of the story, "Shameless":

MSNBC rolls out a video of a weapons carrying citizen outside the president’s address to the VFW in Phoenix, acknowledging the 2nd amendment demonstration but noting the “racial overtones” inherent to a “man of color” in the presidency with “white people showing up with guns strapped to their waist.”

Sounds awful when you say it like that.

Just one problem: The citizen exercising his constitutional right to keep and bear arms was black, a fact conveniently hidden by intentionally tight video framing. Because obviously, the only comprehensible reason to agitate against the president’s policies is because you’re a racist.
You pig!

You know, even in the worst days of Soviet-era airbrushing, I don’t think that even Pravda would have been so abandoned, so profligate in their disinformation campaigns.

There's lots more on this:

Oh, My: MSNBC Carefully Crops Shot of Black Man Carrying AR-15 at Health Care Rally to Avoid Skin Color, So They Can Then Rant and Rave About "White People" Showing Up With Guns When a 'Person of Color' is President."

Newsbusters, "
MSNBC: ObamaCare Protesters ‘Racist,’ Including Black Gun-Owner."


Dennis said...

You would think at some point the news media would figure out that large numbers of us have HD camcorder and every variety of other photographic medium and they just cannot get away with this kind of dissembling, but they seemed to be blinded by their arrogance. I would advice anyone going to any thing even slightly political take camcorder and have a number of them there strategically placed to put on "Youtube" right away.
The costs of camcorders is very reasonable and it is fast becoming a way to counter the lies of the left. Become tech savvy. Most of the newer technologies are not that difficult to learn or use. If need be get someone to teach you.
There is only one way to counter the news media and that is to demonstrate at every point that they are lying and/or dissembling.

Dennis said...

I would further suggest that you have enough people that you can assign a couple of people with camcorders to the news media. One placed so that they can see they are being recorded and another out of the way that can record any interference by the media or their shills.
Do not trust any of these people no matter how much you think you know them.

go west young man said...

The REAL story here is that one of the guys interviewing him (pretending to be a "reporter" but also wielding a handgun) is a self-described friend, contributor and defender of a far-right militia called the “Viper Group”, 12 members of whom were sent to prison for a plot to blow up federal buildings. Look it up.
The african american man being interviewed talks of armed resistance to taxes and other crazy stuff. So, we have proven that the far right gun nut extremists have become more diverse, yet are just as crazy as ever.

Noah Johns said...

Repugnant. Its also somewhat telling that the talking heads on MSNBC cannot even get the name of Reagan's attempted assasin right. Pretty sure it was JOHN Hinckley not Mark Hinckley.

Anonymous said...

The Black Gun owner "Chris" is not right wing. He is an individual standing up for his 2nd amendment rights. In my book, he is a true American patriot.

To all you "Gun Haters", Just because you don't like something, does not give you the right to discriminate against people who do!

Do you gun haters trust law enforcement and the government to protect you? Well of course you do! But who will protect you from the Government?

The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.
Thomas Jefferson

“When governments fear the people there is liberty. When the people fear the government there is tyranny.”- Thomas Jefferson