Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Senator Feingold: Yes, ObamaCare Vote Before Christmas, Public Option Alive

Folks might need to update their posts. It's a false meme that there'll be "no healthcare vote before Christmas." The source for the claim is Senator Russell Feingold, and his office has now issued an updated statement:
At the beginning of the August recess, most folks coming out were opposed to any sort of health care reform. But in the last few I have held, I have noticed more and more reform proponents coming out and being heard. Overall, in the seventeen years I’ve been holding these meetings, there has been strong support for health care reform. I’ve been saying for weeks that it will probably be right before Christmas before we have a health care reform bill to vote on. I will continue working to make sure we do and it is one with a strong public option.
Feingold's talking about the town hall forums he's held in Wisconsin. Here's Feingold's comments on the public option, from a meeting today in rural Marathon County:
I do think there should be a public option. I think there should be some choice here between people like what they have now fine. They should be able to keep it ... But a public option means that if you don't have any insurance or if you don't like what you have there's an alternative.
And here's Feingold in an interview today with the Appleton Post-Crescent:
Can you see yourself voting for any health care package that doesn't include a public option?
I would rather not. If we do something weak or just change one thing — like (including) pre-existing conditions, which is very important — I'm afraid we're not going to deal with the fundamental economic and personal issues that are involved here ....
How does long-term care fit into the national health care debate?
Wisconsin has been innovative and saved hundreds of millions of dollars by providing home-based care through our Family Care program. It has been a model for the country.

So whatever bill comes out, we should encourage an inclusion of home and community care.

I think we would get this. This is one (measure) that is not so controversial, as our population is getting older. As I like to say, the baby boomers are falling apart.

This is one of my top priorities for the health care bill, with some sort of public option, cost containment and making sure Wisconsin doesn't get ripped off on the reimbursements.
Frankly, it doesn't sound like much has changed for the Dems' ObamaCare agenda.

Plus, check out Feingold's statements earlier this year advocating a U.S. single payer system. From Verum Serum, "
Sen. Feingold Defends Public Plan, Admits Ultimate Goal is Single-Payer":


Steve Burri said...

Two present members of Congress were born and raised in my little hamlet of Janesville, WI; Russ Feingold and Paul Ryan. Go figure.

The Vegas Art Guy said...

I guess that he has not figured out we don't want Obmamacare...