Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pamela Geller and Freedom for Rifqa Bary

I wanted to give Pamela Geller a huge shout out and congratulations on her coverage of Rifqa Bary, the Ohio teenager and Christian who, fearing death, escaped the clutches of her Muslim father. Rifqa Bary believes she'll be murdered by her father for converting to Christianity, in a ritual honor killing.

ABC News has given the Rifqa Bary story mainstream (and questionable) coverage.

See, "
Christian Teen Flees Home, Says She Fears Honor Killing by Muslim Father: Rifqa Bary Turned Up in Florida Pastor's Home Weeks After Leaving Ohio Home," and "Muslim Parents Deny Threatening Daughter With Honor Killing Over Christianity: Statement From Lawyer Indicates Rifqa Bary's Parents Blame Pastors for Creating Story."

But check Pamela's piece at Newsmax, "
Dad Claims Brainwashing As Muslim Girl Fears He’ll Kill Her":
Rifqa Bary says she ran to Florida to save her life: “I was threatened by my dad.” She says that her father told her, “If you have this Jesus in your heart, you’re dead to me. You’re not my daughter. I will kill you.” But now her father is trying to regain custody of Rifqa, and he and the Islamic Society of Central Florida say she has been “kidnapped” and “brainwashed” by a “cult,” and that she’s a “rebel,” a “troubled teen.”

Well, which is it?

“This is a cult group who kidnapped my daughter and took her away,” claims Mohamed Bary, Rifqa’s father.

She hitchhiked to the bus station and took a Greyhound from Ohio to Florida. How is that a kidnapping?

Brainwashed by a cult? Which is the cult? Is it the group that silently approves of the murder of a daughter who shames her family by not wearing the proper head dress (like Aqsa Parvez), or by wanting live a free life (like Hatin Sürücü), or by dating the wrong boy (like Amina and Sarah Said), or by choosing another religion (like Rifqa Bary)? Or is it the group that offers sanctuary to a poor threatened girl?

Rifqa Bary’s father is also claiming that she was “brainwashed” by the pastor of the Global Revolution church in Orlando. Pastor Blake Lorenz denies that, saying, “she has been a Christian for four years, long before we ever met her.”

Let’s look at the facts.
Read the whole thing, here. See also, Atlas Shrugs, "Rifqa Bary Before her Escape: Beatings, Brutality, Subjugation."

Related: Aqsa Parvez was murdered in December, 2007, for refusing to wear the Muslim hijab. As of July of this year, Muhammad Parvez, who is accused of strangling his daughter, was still awaiting trail. See, Michelle Malkin, "The murder of Aqsa Parvez, and "Whitewashing the murder of Aqsa Parvez …"

Sarah Yaser Said and her sister, Amina Yaser Said, were murdered in 2007. The girls' father, Yaser Abdel Said, is
wanted by the FBI for murder. The Dallas Observer ran a big story in June 2008, "American Girls: Crossing between American and Egyptian cultures, he Said girls made one deadly misstep: They fell in love." See also, Andrew Waldron, "Honor Killing in Dallas." As of June 2009, America's Most Wanted has Yaser Abdel Said listed as "one of the nation's most-wanted men."

See also, Atlas Shrugs, "Honor Killing: Islam's Gruesome Gallery."


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This girl's fears are genuine and justified. See links under DAUGHTER SLAUGHTER at The Religion of Peace™ Subject Index