Saturday, August 22, 2009

Recess Rally in Birmingham, Michigan

From the Blog Prof, "Report From The Birmingham, MI Tea Party Protest - August 22, 2009":
If you notice the signs, they are all home made. No professional looking signs like what the SEIU and ACORN bring to their events. Note that a large number of the protesters were seniors. So much for the AstroTurf accusations hurled by the left. Here are some choice signs:

Lots of video at the link (via Memeorandum). Plus, check A Conservative Teacher, "My Report from the Birmingham Healthcare Rally."

And, the Detroit News, "Health Care Debate Rages On at Birmingham Rallies."


dave in boca said...

Democracy means the People Rule. There is absolutely, positively NOTHING more democratic than the people banding together to take back their power from the few who rule by bankers, lawyers, buying legislators, &c. from a commenter on a townhall meeting in response to DNC inspired moonbats twittering in their dark socialist batcaves.

Notice how well-dressed the crowds are, as opposed to rent-a-mob ACORNistas and the SEIU & AFL/CIO thug squads.

Wonder what the soft-porn Senator from the Left Coast is thinking, or maybe she's doing cougar or puma things in her spare time today!