Friday, August 28, 2009

Glenn Beck Gets Results

The background reports are here and here. While leftists are pumping up the alleged support for the communist Color-of-Change boycott against Glenn Beck on Fox News, the show's viewership is growing dramatically. On Tuesday, over 3 million watched Beck at 5:00pm, second only to the O'Reilly Factor. What's interesting is that the boycott is not affecting Fox's bottom line (advertisers are simply switching time slots). And note, at the second video below, the participants at Representative Steve Buyer town hall on Tuesday are asking, "Who wrote all of these bills? And did the far-left Apollo Alliance have any role in writing any of them?" Glenn Beck gets results:

See David Weigel, "The Glenn Beck Effect."

Also, Atlas Shrugs, "
Obama's 'Green' Czar: Underground Terrorist and Communist."