Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bleeding Hearts for ObamaCare: Maybe Crying Will Help Dems' Tanking Support?

Look, no one wants to learn of heartbreak stories of real people struggling with insurance bureaucracies, but trying to make Senator Tom Coburn, who is a family physician, into a heartless abomination of anti-ObamaCare obstructionism isn't going to do the trick. Here's this woman at Coburn's townhall yesterday. She says her insurance company's leaving her husband out in the cold: "We left the nursing home ... and they told us we are on our own":

NewsOK's got the story, "U.S. Sen. Tom Coburn Finds Mixed Views at Forum on Health Care":

More than 500 people attended the noontime event in the Chase Building plaza, and not all agreed with the fiscally conservative Republican.

One woman, a military veteran, asked Coburn, "Morally, how can you deny Americans affordable insurance?”

Coburn was quick to respond.

"One of the reasons it’s not affordable is because government is in the market in the first place,” he said. "Why as a veteran do you have to go to the Veteran Administration (hospital) instead of anywhere else you want?”

After another woman cried as she spoke about a sick relative, Coburn said bigger government won’t lead to health care reform.

"What’s missing from the debate is us as neighbors helping people who need help,” he said.

"The idea that government is a solution to problems is a very inaccurate statement.”

Coburn, who opposes the Democrats’ measure, has introduced a bill that would expand health care by subsidizing private insurance through refundable tax credits and forcing insurers into shared risk pools for those with pre-existing conditions.
Steve Benen, no surprise, has strong words for Coburn:

Coburn's answer represents mindless, reflexive opposition to government, for opposition's sake. It's a worldview that's as shallow as it is destructive ....

I'll never understand the right's obsession with hating the government, but for Coburn to lecture that woman in dire straits about the evils of government intervention in the health care system is callous, cruel, and exactly the kind of twisted thinking policymakers will have to reject to pass real reform.

Benen, the abominable disgrace that he is, doesn't mention that Senator Coburn tells the woman that, "Yeah, we'll help ... the first thing we'll do is see what we can do to help you, individually, through our office." Then Coburn goes on to explain that Americans must reinvigorate our tradition of community caring, focusing on "us as neighbors, helping people that need our help."

We won't get that from radical lefitsts who see every solution to society's problems as strengthening the long arm of the Orwellian state. Benen also might note that ObamaCare's certainly no friend to the woman at the video. Indeed, the logical conclusion is that Zeke Emanuel's cost rationalization regime would likely put the lady's husband out to pasture.

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Skye said...

Hmmm...crocodile tears?

Steve J. said...

Senator Coburn tells the woman that, "Yeah, we'll help ... the first thing we'll do is see what we can do to help you, individually, through our office."

Coburn is part of the government.

Steve J. said...

"One of the reasons it’s not affordable is because government is in the market in the first place,” he said.

The economist Kenneth Arrow proved in 1963 that the free market could not be the solution for health care.

Dennis said...

Who cares what somebody in 1963 says. The world is full of people who state this or state that which does not make it true. Mental midget

Doctor Biobrain said...

Donald, the only thing "abominable" here are your reading comprehension skills. I read that Benen post yesterday and found it odd that you said he didn't mention Coburn's response, as I specifically remember reading exactly what you quoted Coburn saying. And sure enough, I click on the link and see he DID quote Coburn's line and addressed what Coburn said.

As Benen (and now Steve J) pointed out, Coburn's response that the government can't help is stupid, as Coburn said he'd see what he could do and he is PART of the government. And then Benen pointed out how idiotic it is to suggest that this woman can rely upon the charity of her neighbors to help her husband, which is most assuredly far from adequate. If neighborly charity was enough for this woman, she wouldn't be in the dire straits she is in.

And Benen even addressed your absurdist strawman of libs who supposedly believe that the government can provide "every solution," when he wrote "Is government intervention always the answer to every societal problem? Of course not. But health care is critically important -- literally, a life-or-death issue -- for just about every single person and family in the country. It's a basic public service -- not unlike police protection, fire departments, roads, or schools -- that every industrialized democracy manages to provide its citizens, expect us, thanks to "leaders" like Coburn and those who share his ideology."

You can disagree with that if you like, but to pretend that we think the government can solve every problem is obviously false. But as Benen pointed out, this lack of healthcare IS a problem that we can solve; which we obviously did when we created Medicare. You guys think government controlled Medicare is so good that you're insisting that it will kill old people if we change it. Sounds to me like you believe the government is good at solving something. All the public option will do is create a Medicare-type system that all Americans can participate in if they choose to. And your only response is to repeat lies about the plan and attack those who support it.

And of course, Zeke Emanuel NEVER suggested that we apply the medical allocation system to the population as a whole. Those principles he discussed involved medical situations in which medical resources like hearts and kidneys were scarce; not money. Emanuel advocates full healthcare for everyone, including the elderly, and is against rationing of care. To suggest otherwise is completely wrong. And you'd know that if you had actually read his paper, rather than relying upon what others told you it said.

Seriously Donald, I don't see why you bother blogging when you seem so incapable of comprehending the words in front of you. Disagree on your opinions and theories if you like, but when you claim someone didn't write something they obviously DID write, it makes you look like a sad, sad little man attempting to debate people who are far out of your league. Either deal with what your opponents say or stop trying. It's that simple.

Mark Harvey said...

Dr Biodickbrain. Retard.

Realist said...

So quoting at length and supporting arguments is the hallmark of a retard, is it? It's always good to be up on the rules and keep an eye on where you fuckers are toting the goalposts this time.