Saturday, August 29, 2009

'TeddyCare For All' - Dems Exploit Kennedy Death at New York Health Rally

The report is from WGN-TV Chicago, "After Kennedy Funeral, As Many As 1,000 Rally in NYC for Health Care Reform Bill":

About a thousand people rallied in Manhattan on Saturday in support of federal health care reform legislation.

The event near Times Square began shortly after the funeral for U.S. Sen. Edward Kennedy, and took-on the feel of a tribute to the liberal leader.

One person carried a sign that said, "TeddyCare for all."

U.S. Rep. Carolyn Maloney told the crowd the bill will lower health care costs for almost everyone. The New York Democrat also invoked Kennedy, saying the senator understood the need for change.

Opponents say the legislation will cost too much and diminish the quality of care.
And check out the video above from WABC-TV New York. It's unbelievable sometimes how totally Astroturfed these events are. Almost no one attending the rally has made their own signs. That's the Dems for you: Shameless exploitation and staged rallies to generate media support. No wonder they're calling it "TeddyCare."


Dennis said...

Maybe we ought to name it Chappaquidickcare.

Dave said...

Dennis, that would be perfect, as it will ultimately result in the premature passing of millions of Americans.

I hate to break it to these idiots, but KennedyKare is not going to provide them with the same type of health care Ted got.

Not even close.