Friday, August 21, 2009

WTF is Wee Wee'd Up?

Neo-Neocon's on the case, "Let's Not Get Wee-Wee'd Up":

And now for the official word on the origin of the expression:

“It’s a phrase I use,” White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said today, hesitating at his press briefing to offer a physical demonstration of the phraseology.

“Let’s do this in a way that’s family friendly,” Gibbs said. “I think ‘wee-weed up’ is when people get all nervous for no particular reason …. Bedwetting would probably be the more consumer-friendly term for it,” the press secretary said.

Or even a more mature term for it. I prefer
this explanation, myself.

If Gibbs is correct—and I have no reason to doubt that he is—it is still extremely odd for Obama to publicly use a phrase that’s some sort of private joke between him and Gibbs, or between Gibbs and Gibbs’s friends and/or family. To use such a term without explanation as part of a public address is to be strangely tone deaf and unaware.

However, I’m not planning to get all wee-wee’d up about it—except to say, can you imagine what would have happened had Obama’s predecessor said such a thing?
You know, when I watch President Obama strutting up to the podium sometimes, he makes it look so natural, like he's down with the brothers getting ready to shoot some hoop. But when we hear these patently dumb inside lines like "wee wee'd up," the truth really starts to come out that Barack Obama's exactly the freaking goober Harvard dweeb that his resume promises him to be. And here's this from Allahpundit:

Two years ago in August the punditocracy thought he was going to lose the primary; last August they thought he was going to lose the election. Very wee-wee, baby. And this August? They’re calling ObamaCare an unholy clusterfark that’s been ineptly pitched to the public and tactically mismanaged by the White House. Who cares if Pelosi and her own majority leader can’t get their story straight about the public option? Remain calm. All is well. Resist the wee-wee at all costs.
Yep, dude's going down. See, "Obama's Big Bang Could Go Bust" (or wee wee), via Memeorandum.


UPDATE: Also, from Grandpa John's, "Everybody in Washington Gets All Wee Weed Up":

The correct phrase is actually 'we weed up.' In Harvardese Ebonic parlance this means 'we really get stoned.'

Around the Harvard campus one often hears a conversation such as this:
"Yo, Dog."

"What up, Homeboy?"

"We weed up, bee-otch."

"Word to yo mutha!"
Obama is informing us that everybody in Washington is stoned to the max during late August and early September.


Nikki said...

LMAO!! Oh my gosh...I hate that I didn't think of that cool title for a post! I am not kidding I laughed out loud and had a party for one at my computer. Classic. :)N

Steve Burri said...


Are there no scholars on the innertubes?

Here's the etymological explanation.

Dennis said...


that would somewhat explain why Obama and his crew keep pushing something that most people do not want.

Steve Burri said...


Thank you for the plug.

You are indeed a gentleman and a scholar on the innertubes!