Sunday, August 30, 2009

Carol Shea-Porter Boots Retired Cop From New Hampshire Town Hall

From The Blog Prof, "Video: Rep. Shea-Porter (D-kookville), former anti-war protester, gets townhall protester asking a simple question arrested, then taunts him!":

Also, from Moe Lane, "Meet New Boss Rep Shea-Porter (D, NH).

And Ed Morrissey says:

I’ve watched this video a couple of times, and I still can’t figure out why the police took this man out of the room. He was actually less disruptive than the woman behind him. He challenged Shea-Porter on the appearance of SEIU protesters in the room, one of whom got up and disrupted his question. When the first man then challenged the residency of the SEIU rep, police swooped in and removed him.
That's SEIU for you. And SEIU punk at the viddy is definitely a goon!


Dave said...

At least America is getting a good look at who the true fascists are, and always have been, here in America.

This man is a tax-paying American citizen, and had every right to be there and to ask whatever question he wished.

What I want to know is, when are the lawsuits going to start hitting these lefty freedom-haters in their wallets?


dave in boca said...

Dave, the MSM are not in indicting incidents against taxpaying citizens, only the ones against agitpreppies who are recruited, paid, and protected a by and SEIU. The right doesn't have lawyers on retainer like the ACLU and People For the American Way who automatically shift into lawsuit mode at the slightest pretext.

The deck is stacked against you [US] because we don't have organizations who are expected to file lawsuits whenever their [not our] rights are theoretically infringed, and therefore are protected by crooked local cops and dogcatcher-candidates who will get salaries if perceived by the RICO Dem crime spree to be of assistance.

The Tea Parties are disparaged as "Teabaggers" by the perv lefties like Emmy-candidate Anderson Cooper, who has first-hand personal in-your-face [or "in-his-face"]experience of "Teabagging."