Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Edward M. Kennedy Memorial Health Care Reform Bill?

I have nothing but blessings for the Kennedy family upon the news of Senator Edward Kennedy's passing. With his death, along with Eunice Kennedy Shriver's last week, we have now the melancholy sense of the final sunset on the Kennedy influence. I am with Michelle Malkin when she writes:
Put aside your ideological differences for an appropriate moment and mark this passing with solemnity.
That said, I'll just note that final farewells for Senator Kennedy have yet to be said and the Democratic-leftists are already exploiting the liberal icon's death for political gain.

From William Jacobson, "
Rush Was Right: Dems Call For 'The Kennedy Memorial Health Bill'." William links to this post from Balloon-Juice:

" it’s time to come back after Labor Day with a single coherent Senator Edward M. Kennedy Health Care Reform Bill, and to twist whatever arms, ears, or other parts are necessary to get a good strong comprehensive bill passed and signed, NOW. We owe the memory of a great man no less."
No degree of rank hypocrisy nor indecency surprises me about the Democrats anymore. In Massachusetts, state law requires a special election to replace a U.S. senate vacancy. Passed in 2004 to prevent then-Governor Mitt Romney from appointing a possible Senate replacement to Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry, now Democratic state lawmakers are seeking to reverse the law to allow straight appointment by the governor's office. As Ann Althouse notes:
So there are 2 questions: 1. Is the death of Teddy Kennedy a sufficiently powerful event to counter the opposition to the health care bill? and 2. Is the death of Teddy Kennedy a sufficiently powerful event to overcome the embarrassment of changing the Massachusetts law back to what it was before it was changed to thwart a Republican?
See also, Karyn McDermott, "The Edward M. Kennedy Memorial Health Care Reform Bill 2009."


Dennis said...

One should give Kennedy his due as a stanch fighter for what he believed in, but that has no bearing on anything else.
It seems rather macabre for the Left to have to use his death in this manner and denotes a realization that they do not have the upper hand or even the moral high ground.
I did not agree with Kennedy on much, but hope that GOD treats him well. Unlike those on the Left I find no pleasure in his death nor a need to use it as a reason for some cause.
By their use of Kennedy's death the Left has demonstrated how truly disgusting they are as human beings. Shades of Paul Wellstone and the disaster the left made out of his death.
Respect Kennedy's service to the country is all that is required. To do otherwise is to taint that service.

Dave said...

I was taught that you shouldn’t say anything about the dead unless it was good.


Anonymous said...

I am a long suffering MA resident who ALWAYS voted against Kennedy. He was responsible for the death of Mary Jo, a drunkard/drug addict, womanizer and even ANNULLED his marriage of 20+ years. Does that make the stupidest manboy in Congress - "Patrick Patches" Kennedy a bastard child? He was and will remain an embarrassment.

Bob Belvedere said...

Quoted from and linked to at:

Sue said...

Anonymous you are an ignorant wingnut with no respect let alone common sense. Teddy Kennedy will go down in history as this countrys greatest senator. So sorry you can't see past your hatred for him.

Dennis said...

I seriously doubt that Sue. The real wing nut is you. I suspect you have said far worse about those with whom you disable by your use of wing nut.
Anonymous, he is dead and leave it that way. What purpose is served by allowing a dead person to control you? Use that anger constructively.

Dennis said...

I mean disagree vice disable. Thought I probably should not called Sue a wing nut. A wind nut serves a useful value and a legitimate purpose.

Old Rebel said...

Does anyone remember the nasty things the lefties said about Jesse Helms when he passed away?

And let's not forget Kennedy's role in pushing through the 1965 Immigration Act, when he promised, ""First, our cities will not be flooded with a million immigrants annually. Under the proposed bill, the present level of immigration remains substantially the same.... Secondly, the ethnic mix of this country will not be upset.... Contrary to the charges in some quarters, [the bill] will not inundate America with immigrants ..."

One liberal paper even attributed Obama's victory to Kennedy's radical revision of our immigration policy.

This lying sleazebag deserves not one bit of sympathy or respect.

Unknown said...

This will only help unite conservatives to remind us of how much we dislike what he stood for. I respect that he stood for somethings however but to honor him with a dead bill would be a dishonor and quite gimmicky. Would you name the auto industry bailout bill, which is under water, the Mary Jo Kapechne bill?