Monday, January 5, 2009

Extermination of the Jews, Then and Now

Via Gates of Vienna, a flyer calling for the global extermination of the Jews is being distributed by the mulitcultural left in Denmark:


Recall yesterday that Victor Davis Hanson reported that the worldwide demonstrations in support of Hamas are "nauseating."

It's frankly unbelievable to think that from San Francisco to New York to Copenhagen to Damascus and beyond, we're witnessing the open call on the left for the extermination of Israel and the Jews. It's unreal, but the global situation facing the survival of the Jews is in many respects more terrifying than the European anti-Semitism of the 1930s and 1940s.

Ron Rosenbaum, discussing the program of Hamas, offers a very disturbing historical comparison between the public reactions to the eliminationism of Adolph Hitler and the Palestinian jihad of Hamas:

The people of Germany supported Hitler, yet many still claim the Germans didn’t really know what he was doing to the Jews, gays, gypsies or his plans for other ethnic minorities. Or they say that they suppported Hitler for other reasons. Some believe the German people shouldn’t be held accountable for Hitler’s crimes, some think it’s naive to believe they didn’t know and shouldn’t be held responsible. The people of Gaza voted Hamas in by a larger percentage than Hitler ever got. They knew that the Hamas charter called for genocide and supported Hamas attempts to kill as many Jews as they could.

Should they – and the Americans who believe in “even-handed” treatment of a pro-genocide party be held responsible for Hamas and what Hamas has brought upon the land, the way some believe the German people should be held responsible for the destruction Hitler brought upon Germany? Should the German people who supported Hitler have been treated with the “proportionality” we are supposed to reserve for the Gazan people who support Hamas?

I don’t know the answers to these difficult questions. I just wanted to clarify things so no one was making any false analogies between Hamas and Hitler and ignoring the fact that Hamas was more extreme than the Nazis.
Read the whole thing, here.


Laura Lee - Grace Explosion said...

Post note: Interestingly, the Arab world supported Hitler and there was a Muslim SS in the Nazi's army. On the basis of Hitler's quest of genocide to Jews - Hitler was applauded, supported, among Islam and Islam sent troops to fight under Hitler. Just a note that as we compare Nazi's, Hitler's Germany to the Gazan people... Islam supported Hitler.

Here's one site that states things to that effect:

Anonymous said...

America and Americans must support Israel!!! Wonder what Obama will do, when he gets in office...will he support Israel and upset his Muslim brother's apple cart? He said in one of his self-important biography's that he would always support his Muslim brothers.

Will he?

Norm said...

Mr. Hanson may find it "unbelievable", but I do not.
Genocidal sentiments have not disappeared just because the allies won WWII. I do not believe that 99.99% Europeans are anti-semitic or believe in the murder of the Jewish people However, Europeans have been so mentally devastated by two world wars that killed millions and displaced millions more that today they are wimps. Millions of Muslims immigrated into Europe and now intimidate these countries. I always laugh and say: They got rid of the Jews, and now they got the Muslims....screw em.

Rosenbaum's essay underscores the growing angry rift within the Jewish population. Believe me that the feeling is open and real.
And I agree with one of Rosenbaum's
commentors that these people who just want to talk, talk, talk should not be called Liberals. Appeasers are a better word. And the fact that they have not learned
that a fascist cannot be appeased but only withdraws from a fist is totally infuriating. I believe that the split within the Jewish community will grow.

dave in boca said...

Ron Rosenbaum's book on Hitler gives him the cred to make a statement on Hamas---which brays like an ass that it wants to kill Jews, as does the Iranian mule to the East and the Hezbollah banana-eaters to the north.

Sadly, the Grand Mufti during WWII was a big fan of Adolf and many of the moral lepers who follow his historical example are in Hamas' leadership.

The funniest headline this morning was in the normally sane and staid FT, which noted that Israel was proceeding with the Gaza fumigation despite "the condemnation of The European Commission."

If I were a survivor of the Holocaust, I'm sure the moral sewage of European "leadership" would never influence my political behavior.

Anonymous said...


I'm equally as perplexed about the reaction from the West. It is sickening and disturbing.

I had to write about it myself.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe this either- We also have protestors here in the Northwest (really, the northwest is known for always protesting something) marching for the "innocent" in Gaza... It's amazing that people were not paying attention to the bombs that have been sent from Gaza into Israel for months, hitting school-yards, homes...suicide bombers attack around the world- and Israel sits and does nothing- BUT when, they've finally had enough and when it's time to defend their land, their people: suddenly the entire world is up and arms...I just don't get it! Israel has never sent suicide bombers into other countries, killing innocent people in their way...Israel only fights to protect their country and their people and yet the world thinks they are to blame? Where did this backwards thinking come from?

Anonymous said...

I was a bit off it what I stated earlier...Paula, author of the blog, A Soldier's Mother- living in Israel, living everything first hand- states the following on her blog:
"I did tell her that I object to the way the news is reporting Israel's side of this war. She said that people around the world don't know that Israel has been hit with rockets for eight years now. "That's the problem," I told her. "Just that." Why doesn't the world know? Why is the truth hidden, slanted, abused and twisted, and why does the media allow this? The truth is that we bombed a mosque...that was being used as an arsenal. The second part of that sentence is critical because it is what justifies the first part of the sentence. To report one part with out the other is obscene and unethical."
You can read the blog here:

Unknown said...

What the Israelis are doing is outright hypocrisy. They preach democracy, rule of law, security and freedom, but they allow the Palestinian people none of this. They historically have allowed the Palestinian people none of this.

Via AIPAC and the Israeli Lobby in Washington, DC, the US government annually provides Israel with upwards of $3 billion of funding. Originally this was for defense. But defense does not need recurring payments and much of it has been rerouted, in some cases bolstered by additional US Congress funding, to fund Jewish settlements in the West Bank and Gaza. In other words, Israel is trying to populate these regions with Israelis so there will come a time when they can move in and claim territorial sovereignty.

Hamas was elected on such a radical agenda solely because the Palestinian majority felt so unbelievably oppressed by Israeli jurisdiction and tyranny over Palestinian territory that they felt that electing an organization that would resort to terrorism had become a necessity. Israel's belligerence in dealing with people who were rightfully on that land prior to the creation of Israel by the United Kingdom and a complete disregard for human rights and the rule of law have seriously undermined its image in the Middle East.

Is Israel democratic? Only within its own borders. In the West Bank and Gaza, Israel infringes on the sovereignty of Palestinians by consistently attempting to establish Jewish settlements on those lands. Danes don't like it when Muslims create small communities in their urban backyards. The French sure as hell don't. Germans have had problems recently with minorities, especially Turks, in the surburbs of Berlin and other cities. The U.S. has had problems with Mexicans in the southwest. But when Palestine has problems with Jews, Israel interjects militarily to "restore order" by essentially crushing any short term ability to retaliate.

To top it off, Israel wasn't even created democratically. The United Kingdom said, "This piece of land will be for the Jews, and they shall rule it. The Palestinians can find a new homeland, because they are only Arab and there are plenty of other Arab countries around here." I don't think the European states would appreciate it much if, today, the United States stepped in, annexed Portugal, and announced that Mexicans would live there based on the fact that people from the Iberian peninsula had once crossed the ocean to settle Latin America, and then ran a publicity campaign to encourage Mexicans to colonize Portugal. I don't think the United States would appreciate it if the Chinese stopped by and said "Mississippi will be for these people of ours", and then they left a nation of people in Mississippi and let the Mississippians deal with the fallout in terms of where they would settle and how they would live. Of course, you say, this wouldn't happen because the US has guns and weapons and the Chinese don't, so they wouldn't just based on the politics of power. Well the Palestinians didn't have guns or weapons, and the United Kingdom and its European allies had immense political and military power. There was nothing they could have done.

Read more on this argument here:

John Mearsheimer is a well respected economist and political theorist. He is not an extremist or an anti-semite.

Please take into account that the Danes are historically extremist in rhetoric but moderate in policy. Remember the anti-islamic cartoons several years back. Please do not blame an entire country on a sign, when it could have been a group like the SPLC or some other anti-semite establishment as part of a protest.

I am not arguing for genocide. What I am trying to bring to attention is the popularity of the plight of the Jews is overstated. Public support for them is based on an imbalance of information: mainstream Western media refuses to cover or even acknowledge the fact that Israel is and has acted without restraint in persecuting the Palestinian people and has taken advantage of the world's sympathy following World War II to a dangerous extreme.