Saturday, August 15, 2009

Another Staged Obama Town Hall in Montana

The Los Angeles Times reports a receptive crowd for today's town hall in Montan: "Obama's Seeking Out Skeptics of Healthcare Reform." But this guy at Fox4KC wasn't too thrilled (edited):

Packed with supporters except for a couple of "wild cards" allowed in ... it was obvious that they were mostly hand-picked supporters when Obama said "keep on knocking on doors, tell your neighbors, spread the facts." He wouldn't have said that to a room full of unknown quantities before he even fielded the first question. All this town hall did was to give him a soapbox ...

This is a man who is both morally and spiritually bankrupt.

That's what I took away from this staged town hall meeting.
Also, from the Wall Street Journal, "Insurance Salesman to Obama: Why Are You Vilifying Insurers?"

Plus, Obama's changing his message on the town halls. See Ben Smith, "Obama embraces the new "exception not the rule" strategy on town halls" (via Memeorandum).