Sunday, August 9, 2009

Conservatives Prepare for Obama New Hampshire Town Hall on Health Care!

The deadline was yesterday, but I'm getting a kick out of this announcement anyway. From Foster's Daily Democrat, "How The Public Can Get Tickets to President Obama's Portsmouth Town Hall Meeting on Health Care Reform":
On Tuesday, August 11, 2009, President Barack Obama will travel to Portsmouth, New Hampshire to hold a town hall where he will discuss the need for health insurance reform for the future of our economy and the health of our communities.

Members of the public wishing to attend the town hall should visit the following website to register for the opportunity to attend the town hall: The website will be available until 3:00 pm ET, Saturday, August 8th.

The meeting will be conducted at Portsmouth High School Tuesday afternoon after the president arrives at Pease Air National Guard Base.
At 3:00 pm on Saturday, August 8th when the online sign-up has expired, a limited number of individuals will be selected and contacted regarding ticket pick-up information. Each individual selected will have the opportunity to pick up a maximum of TWO tickets.

Please note that the White House will not be able to respond to all requests for tickets. Individuals will only receive a call if they are selected to pick up a ticket.

Pres. Obama holds his OWN town hall in New Hampshire this Tuesday where the issues of the economy and health care are likely to be the dominant issues. Of course, what many will be watching is to see if this town hall invites the same passion as we've witnessed at town halls for members of Congress this last week.

I suspect we'll see some interesting back-n-forths both in the town hall itself and outside the venue. First, New Hampshire (and New England in general) arguably invented the entire town hall meeting concept so Granite Staters take these forums VERY seriously.

And as much as some might want to believe the White House will be staging the questions, don't believe that hype. The White House knows the political price for being caught doing that is MUCH higher than having to deal with a confrontation or two at the meeting itself. If anything, I'd bet some inside the White House are hoping for a confrontation since they believe the president's demeanor alone will politically play well with the folks the White House cares most about right now, ACTUAL independents.
Todd directs us to the New Hampshire Republican Volunteer Coalition (although they don't look all that high-powered):
NHRVC members and others,

Barack Hussein Obama will be arriving in Portsmouth on Tuesday to hold a STAGED "Town Hall Meeting", where he will essentially hand pick who the guests will be and what types of questions will be asked of him.

A MASSIVE protest rally is being organized just outside of the facility where Obama will be holding his "Town Hall Meeting" to promote his plan for a government takeover of your healthcare decisions.

There will be news media from all over the world at this event and it will be the ideal opportunity for us to tell the rest of the country exactly how NH voters feel about Obamacare (taxed/rationed healthcare). It will be the most important pro-liberty event of the year in NH and it is critically important that every one of us attend.

If you can, bring a sign that says something like, "OBAMACARE=TAXED/RATIONED HEALTHCARE", etc.

Come anytime between 8am-4pm (peak time will be 11am-4pm)

See you there!!
Don't expect a lot of fireworks inside the town hall; and, actually, Chuck Todd's probably right that President "Thin Skin" Obama will look for a confrontation. He just wants critics to shut up, remember.


Doctor Biobrain said...

Thin-skinned, Donald? Gee, I sort of a remember a certain American Power blogger likening anti-semitism to him being called a "sock puppet."

Seriously, dude, you're so thin-skinned that any time you see an insult of yourself your brain shuts off and you can't even comprehend anything else the person said. One insult somehow caused you to miss the multiple arguments I made which thoroughly trashed your entire point. And your only response was to call me "dumb" and baselessly accuse me again of anti-semitism. And all because of one little insult in a very long post. Thin skin.

As for Obama telling critics to "shut up," you're lying as usual. Sure, he was actually referring to the people who "created the mess" and wasn't stifling all critics and never used the words "shut up," but you've been told that Obama is a bad guy so you've got to come up with something to criticize him for. It makes me feel good that this is the best you can come up with. And coming from a side that banned the Dixie Chicks from the radio and destroyed their albums simply for saying that they were embarrassed of Bush is quite hilarious. Also funny is that Bush DIDN'T have these sort of open town halls, as his admin made sure tickets only went to Republicans. They even threw out people simply for the bumperstickers they had on their car. But whatever. I think I'd be more concerned if you started LIKING Obama.

AmPowerBlog said...

Readers might refer to this post on Dr. Biobrain, "More Democratic Demonization of Israel: 'Someone Explain to Me Why We Need to Make Israel Happy?'"

Webmaster said...

The NHRVC is not connected to the NH GOP in any way.

The site to follow is

Read some of that and you will get an idea of what we are up against in NH.

dave in boca said...

Brainless trolls should not call themselves "brainy" in any sense. Especially a quarterwit like the sicko "doctor" infecting the comment section of this post. A "doctor" projecting his serious mental disorders onto sane people.

New Hampshire should live up to its motto, "Live Free or Die!"

Thingumbobesquire said...

NBC = Nothing But Crap

Thingumbobesquire said...

De. Ezekiel Emanuel, Obama's top advisor on the healthcare overhaul, says he opposes euthanasia. But when you read his actual writings it is clear that he thinks some lives have more value than others. For example, the elderly have less value because they have less years for productivity left. This logic is absolutely consistent with the idea of useless eaters propagated by Dr. Josef Mengele's Nazis. Now who is obfuscating whom?