Saturday, August 8, 2009

Democrat John Dingell Greeted With Jeers at Michigan Town Hall

From The Blog Prof, "Health Care Won't Fund Abortions":
Dingell held a townhall on Thursday. But it wasn't really a townhall at all, but rather a speech to look like a townhall, complete with union thugs being let in through the back to take up all the front rows, prepared questions in advance, etc.

This video is absolutely devastating:

Look, even some at the New York Times are questioning the administration's strategy. See Gail Collins, "August Is the Cruelest Month":
Advocates need a better story line given what’s happened to health care over the last few weeks.
You think?

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Paradoxes, and not, in health care finance."


dave in boca said...

Gail Collins, I'm ashamed to say, graduated from my undergrad alma mater, Marquette University. She has been demoted from Op-Ed Editor to an occasional columnist for a reason. Dingell was demoted from his Cte Chairmanship for not being Marxist enough.

Looks like he's trying to redeem himself with the agitprop cadres....