Saturday, August 8, 2009

Democratic Astroturfing in Denver

From the Los Angeles Times, "To Pelosi, Healthcare Protests Are 'Display of the Democratic Process'":

As House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats toured a homeless clinic in Colorado this week, supporters of the plan matched the opponents shout for shout, sign for sign, hollering their own slogans at the afternoon traffic passing the Stout Street Clinic in downtown Denver.

Barred from entering the center where Pelosi addressed the news media and homeless advocates Thursday, the protesters on both sides of the debate mingled on the sidewalk. And here’s the interesting thing: They did so with relatively little of the hostility with which crowds have met Democrats making similar pitches at town hall meetings around the country ...

Down the block, Dan Davidson, 56, hoisted a sign featuring ...

... a frothy mug of beer and the words “Obama Care: A Poisoned Beer Summit,” which he said prompted one health reform supporter to accuse him of being uneducated.

The owner of a machine tool repair shop who provides insurance for six employees, he said he’s found a health savings account plan with which he’s satisfied. The government doesn’t belong in the business of health coverage, he said, adding that Obama's plan is “fatally flawed.”

Inside the clinic, which has received federal stimulus money, Pelosi said people should educate themselves about the details of the plan, which she touted as one that would retain choice, lower costs and force private companies to offer cheaper premiums. She downplayed the demonstrations -- calling them “a display of the democratic process” -- and dismissed suggestions of a rift within the party over the plan. “This is called the legislative process,” she said.

As she and Colorado Reps. Diana DeGette and Jared Polis hurriedly entered a waiting car, demonstrators crowded near, trying to catch a glimpse.
Check Talk Left for lots more information, "Denver Health Care Event Went Smoothly."

The most important fact about yesterday's events is the Democratic,
Soros-backed Astroturfing.

See for yourself at Looking at the Left, "Nancy and the Astroturfers."


dave in boca said...

The botox is seeping slowly into that nearly empty space between San Fran Nan's ears. She is turning into a shrieking old woman in tennis shoes, metaphorically, with a shriveled brain and amped-up emotions more suitable at a WWE wrestling arena than the "marketplace of ideas."