Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ezra Klein: Town Hall Protesters Are Killing Democracy!

Here's Ezra Klein:
When you have to explain why your bill won't create death panels, and what will make sure that it doesn't, you've pretty much lost the argument.

That's an excellent point, and I'm glad he admits it, because the rest of Klein's essay makes the case that just asking if ObamaCare will create "death panels" is killing democracy. That's right, Klein argues that the concerns over Democratic plans for cost rationalization, felt by literally hundreds of thousands of regular Americans, amount to "unthinkable madness."

Klein links to an essay at the Post by Danielle Allen, "
Health Reform's Hearing Problem: Both Sides Are Deaf to the Real Debate About Consequences":

In asking lawmakers to consider not merely the goals of their policies but also the experiential meaning of concrete realities that those policies may bring, they have a point. One can't answer them by saying: "These policies won't ration; there will be no death panels." If these reforms do either of these things, they will do so as a matter of unintended consequences. The appropriate answer, therefore, is to explain the institutional checks that will prevent the emergence of such unintended consequences.
Actually ,"unintended consequences" are part and parcel to policy evaluation. Leftists had no problem attacking the Bush administration's robust forward policy of democracy promotion, including wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, by excoriating neo-imperialist "blowback." Yet, now that the Democrats are in power, and when they're being asked legitimate questions - and whether folks are angry while asking the questions is immaterial - they throw up their hands and cry, "Ahh, this is madness ... you're killing the democratic process." Ezra Klein's basically endorsing the Pelosi/Hoyer formulation of criticism of the administration as "un-American." Leftists, people who are supposed to be all about civic participation and civil liberties, want to squelch freedom of speech faster than you can say "comparative effectiveness."

In any case, watch Glenn Beck at the video above. He argues, at about 2:40 minutes, that "I am so sick and tired of the media, and everybody else, equating union thugs with everyday Americans."

But you won't get that from Ezra Klein and the secular collectivists. All you'll here are smears of "Astroturfing" and "teabagging," and how the right's "hooligans" are destroying democracy.

Frankly, grassroots American democracy hasn't been quite this vigorous in some time, and we can thank Barack Obama's own hubris for that, not to mention the Pelosi/Reid/Hoyer faction's own sense of royal entitlement.

Meanwhile, our all-American town hall demonstrators just need to keep repeating: "You work for us"!


Mark Harvey said...

I hope they DO kill "Democracy" because "democracy" is two wolves and a sheep discussing what's for dinner.

We are a Constitutional Republic. Democracy is mob rule. Maybe that's why they are claiming "mob rule" n ow?

shoprat said...

Another group that needs to be reminded that "you work for us" is the union leadership. They act as if the workers exist for the union's sake rather than the union for the workers' sake.

Steve J. said...

Leftists had no problem attacking the Bush administration's robust forward policy of democracy promotion, including wars in Afghanistan and Iraq

This is dishonest: that wasn't point of either war.

Christena said...

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Gene Guffey said...

What is ok for liberals is open dissent - Code Pink, MoveON, SEIU, ACORN clearly trying to harrass business companies, banks, and anyone who does not agree with their agenda to shut up and do as we say. Who was bussed in to attend the Obama address in N.H., the same crews. No opposition leads to a country like Russia or China where liberty and freedom does not exists. Is America to become like these two countries?

Anonymous said...

You need to understand Ezraspeak.

In his world these protests really are are killing Democracy.

Ezraspeak defining Democracy as one party rule by the Democratic Party.

Meanwhile out in the real world our representative democracy is steaming along just fine.

Doctor Biobrain said...

Uh, Donald? Those politicians work for US too. Sorry if the truth of democracy is a little tough for you to understand, but we all can't get what we want. And that means that if Dems get more people in Congress than Repubs do, then Dems get what they want. That's how it works. Sorry if this is hard for you to take, but we won. Deal with it.

I've never expected my two Republican Senators to support my agenda and they never have, and you shouldn't expect my liberal representative of supporting yours. That's how it works. My two Senators might work for me, yet they ignore me all the same. And if they didn't, you'd be mad at them, even though they aren't your Senators.

And yes, it IS crazy for people to rant against imagined policies that aren't being considered. Just as it's crazy to believe that your television is watching you, it's crazy to worry that we're going to kill the disabled and old people. Worrying about imaginary things is ALWAYS crazy.

Rick said...

Speaking of national security: Obama has expanded the Bush anti-programs, and no one is complaining about it. Why?

Troy Camplin said...

I love it how these people think when people oppose them, that democracy is threatened, but when they round up their astroturf, using "community organizers," that's democracy in action. They couldn't be farther from the truth. They belief astroturf is grassroots because they do not believe in self-organizing systems, but that all order comes from the top, from some "wise ruler." They accuse the opponents of health care reform of being astroturf precisely because all their "grassroots" organizations are and have been precisely that.