Sunday, August 9, 2009

Gasp! 'Nearly All-White Audience' at Congressman Steve Cohen Town Hall! And They Were Packing Guns! Ahh! Lookout! "A Shooting Spree'

Here's the Memphis Commercial Appeal, on the demographics of Congressman Steve Cohen's town hall meeting on Saturday:

The nearly all-white audience was not a snapshot of the mostly African-American 9th District that Cohen represents.

And then from Oliver Willis, "Astroturf Town Hall Mob In Tennessee 9th (Man Removed With Weapon)" (after placing the above quotation in bold):

You don’t say. The district is Harold Ford Jr.’s old district. It has a 23% Democratic advantage. It is the only majority black district in Tennessee (59%), yet the meeting was stuffed with non-black conservatives.

It’s like the whole thing is a phony joke, or something.
Geez, it's almost like blacks own the district. And check the comments at Willis' post. The failure of black constituents to turn out for a health care town hall is automatically turned around by the leftists as "racist". Here's the local news report:

And one attendee, said to be armed, was apparently escorted out of the hall. And that's held up by the lefties as "evidence" of conservatives wanting to go on "a shooting spree."

Interesting note: Representative Cohen invited local physicians to the meeting, and by a ratio of 3 to 4, as mentioned at the article, the doctors interviewed had some degree of reservations about ObamaCare.

See also the report at WMCTV Action News 5, "Topic turns to health care reform at Cohen meeting" (with lots of pictures).

And Memeorandum.


Anonymous said...

And one attendee, said to be armed, was apparently escorted out of the hall. And that's held up by the lefties as "evidence" of conservatives wanting to go on "a shooting spree."

Are you really so far gone around the bend that you can't condemn someone showing up at a political event carrying a gun?

Anonymous said...

This isn't about being heard anymore. You guys want to make sure that no one else has a chance to speak. Disrupting town halls where people are supposed to get a chance to actually ask questions and be heard is anti-free speech and anti-american. You aught to be ashamed.

Thingumbobesquire said...

De. Ezekiel Emanuel Obama's top advisor on the healthcare overhaul says he opposes euthanasia. But when you read his actual writings it is clear that he thinks some lives have more value than others. For example, the elderly have less value because they have less years for productivity left. This logic is absolutely consistent with the idea of useless eaters propagated by Dr. Josef Mengele's Nazis. Now who is obfuscating whom?

Anonymous said...

Do you condone someone showing up at one of these events carrying a gun? You make light of it.

Are you afraid to even to say it is wrong to bring a gun to a town hall meeting?

repsac3 said...

@Thingumbobsquire: There's a pretty good discussion about Dr. Emanuel at William Jacobson's blog, titled "An Inconvenient Truth About The "Death Panel"" (Short answer: I'm pretty sure the writing you're referring to is actually about the medical ethics involved when you have one donor heart or liver, two or more patients who might not last another 24 hours without receiving one, and a decision has to be made as to who gets the organ. Opinions differ, but from what I've read, Dr. Emanuel (& company; there were 2 other authors to the journal article) is offering a system of ethics that is more compassionate & fair than the one UNOS is using currently, in my opinion.) I'd read the whole threat... someone even mentioned the Nazi angle.

Cargosquid said...

After the SEIU attacks, are you saying its safe to go to a town hall meeting?

As to the lack of black people, a good reporter would be asking THEM why they didn't show up or get organized? Would the same question be asked about the lack of black faces if all the whites were SUPPORTERS of ObamaCare?