Monday, August 10, 2009

Mike Sola to Pelosi, Reid, Hoyer: 'We've Had a Visit From Your Thugs'

I watched the interview this morning. Mike Sola, whose son could be denied treatment under ObamaCare cost rationalization, appeared with Megyn Kelly on "America's Newsroom." It's dramatic, "I will use every means available to us ... my wife is terrified ...":

Gateway Pundit has a report, "It Has Begun... Father of Handicapped Son Receives Threats After Confronting Dem Congressman."

Also, Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer at USA Today, "
‘Un-American’ Attacks Can't Derail Health Care Debate" (via Memeorandum).


Anonymous said...

This is supposedly the so-called "fascism" of FOXNews.

It makes sense why they'd want to silence voices that are normally ignored or marginalized by the mainstream media. Some of these people make the liberals look like outrageously heartless animals.

BeltainAmerica said...

I find it very funny that the progressives will attack the credit companies and use as their base the changing rules and legal language of the contracts. Yet in healthcare and other legislation these same progressives use just such tactics to throw off questions and muddy the waters.

As with calling outraged Americans unpatriotic progressives are nothing more than double standard liars.

I suggest if the progressives want reform they start with themselves and their own tactics.

Amendment my ASS.