Saturday, August 15, 2009

ObamaCare and the History of Eugenics

Glenn Beck, on Wednesday, got worked up during his "One Thing" segment. He was discussing the history of eugenics and how health rationing in Weimer Germany rationalized the lives of people with deformed limbs, like the fellow in the picture below. Beck's daughter was born with cerebral palsy, and Beck got choked up when he said "her hand looks just like this." See, "The Horror of Eugenics Happened; What Can We Learn From That Mistake?":

Beck's careful, at the video, to reject the argument that the Democrats would implement a policy of eugenics. He's simply having viewers think about the political and economic history that brought those policies into place in the 20th century:

And wouldn't you know it, the radical left doesn't want people talking about this stuff. Yep, folks like "Color of Change" just want Beck to STFU, a position that's gotten pretty common among the Democrats of late. William Jacobson has more, "Ten Top Reasons I'm Happy About The Glenn Beck Boycott":

A group called Color of Change is putting pressure on advertisers to stop running ads on the Glenn Beck show on Fox News because Glenn Beck said mean things about Barack Obama. Apparently several advertisers, including Geico, Sargento Cheese, and others, have succumbed to the fear.
Read the whole thing (the boycott will fail, and will likely have negative reverberations against leftist attempts to squelch freedom of speech).