Friday, August 7, 2009

OMGWTFSCARY! Meet the Town Hall Mobs!

From Dana Loesch, "Meet the Mob":
You’ve heard a lot about this crazy, scary, vicious mob on some shadowy GOP payroll. By the way the DNC, Rachel Maddow, and President Obama talk, you’d think it was a motley crue of Hell’s Angels.

Let me introduce you to the mob:

See also, Big Dog's Weblog, "Town Hall Meetings Un-American?":

The poor Democrats really don’t know what to do- they thought that protesting was exclusively their domain. They don’t know how to handle this “civil disobedience” from the right, even though this stuff is tame compared to the trashing of Tom Tancredo’s free speech rights at the University of North Carolina, or the Minutemen gathering at Columbia University by members of the left. At those gatherings, people’s lives were in danger, and the protesters did not even act human. But then, that’s the left for you.

So now Babs Boxer and Di Feinstein come out and say that these town halls are rigged and “Astroturfed”, as in artificially stirred up. Right out of the radical playbook of Saul Alinsky- ridicule your opponent, and marginalize whatever they say.

Nothing could be further from the truth- These people have one thing in common, whether they are (or were) Democrats, Independents, or Republicans. They know they are being screwed to the wall by King Hussein the Spineless, and they see that he wants to dismantle or country by doing away with any incentive to succeed via the freedom to earn as much money as you can.
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