Saturday, August 8, 2009

Pamela Geller Gets Results! Atlas Shrugs Hammers Huffington Post on Allegations of Nazi Salute in Denver!

Pamela Geller is hot!

She hammered Sam Stein at the Huffington Post, who lied that a young tea party protester gave "Hitler salutes" at Nancy Pelosi's health clinic visit in Denver on Thursday.

Check the post at Atlas Shrugs, "
Pelosi's Leftist Lies and the Propagandists Who Spread Them, Libel blogging A Different Kind of Fauxtography." Here's the screencap:

Stein's post is here, "Pelosi Protesters, Including Kid In Stroller, Compare Obama To Hitler." The reference, at the text, to the "Hitler salute" has been removed. But the smears remains at the title.

See the full series of screencaps at Pamela's post.

These Democratic-haters got nothing!

As Pamela writes:

This sweet boy should sue. It is libel. He should sue every blog that ran this fallacious smear, and I have a screenshot of every blog that made the accusation. Every one. If any Atlas readers have this fellow's contact info, please email me, I have the screen shots and the owners of every blog that libeled him. Let's file a lawsuit. Any Atlas lawyer who wants to assist, please email me at
NOTE: The young man is pictured carrying a sign that reads, "CONGRESS HAS CADILLAC HEALTH CARE; AMERICANS WILL HAVE CLUNKER CARE."

El Marco has the shots at "
Nancy and the Astroturfers.


LFC said...

There is nothing wrong with the text of the Sam Stein post as it now stands -- perhaps the headline should be changed (though that is debatable), but the post itself seems perfectly reasonable.