Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Robert Novak, 1931-2009: Reactions on the Left

I don't think the demonic response to the death of Robert Novak is as nasty as it was for the Jesse Helms, but the leftist blog commentary is definitely true to form today:

Crooks and Liars:

* Good Riddance ... To a self-serving coward and traitor to America.

* I suppose it beats ... being hanged by the neck until well and truly dead, as he deserved. Where do mean-spirited traitors who do their betrayals out of nothing more than spiteful vendictiveness go when they die?

* Tonight you dine in hell ... I'll celebrate with a cold beer, and hope there's a hell hot enough to burn your worthless soul.

* Sweet Schadenfreud! ...

It's chicken soup for our not-quite-top-drawer angels. As an atheist I'm unlikely to sit shiva for that recently departed... gentlemen and I'm certainly going to cut loose at some future thread should his name pop up. It is too bad that the ghosts of neo-cons past did not visit him and show him a better way. Yes you can dream. It is a noble one.

* He's Preparing the Way ... Novakula is in hell, arranging accommodations for Cheney, Rumsfeld, Bush, Kristol, Malkin, Wolfowitz, Limbaugh, Barnes, Coulter, Beck, Hannity, the PNAC crowd and the rest of his pals.

It took him a few minutes to adjust to the lack of light, the screams and the flames, but, hey, he's a trooper.

From Daily Kos, "Robert Novak, 1931-2009":

What respect has been earned?

Seriously. This is a guy who, in truth and in fact outed a CIA agent in order to further his petty political agenda and generally behaved like a rotten scoundrel.

He deserves to be remembered as who he actually was and if people are uncomfortable with that they ought to remember that throughout their lives they are carving into stone the image that they will leave behind of themselves and that no amount of post-mortem hagiography can ultimately erase the impression that they leave, whether it's good or ill.

I don't understand the hushed-tones demands that I not speak ill of someone whose actions are still stinking up the air, just because they themselves are no longer around. If Novak didn't want to be slammed when he wasn't around to defend himself, he should have thought ahead for two god-damned seconds about the indefensible things he was doing while he was doing them.

Now, it's just too damn bad. I feel myself under ZERO obligation to pull punches. Novak betrayed the United States. Now he's dead. Good riddance.
More, at a new thread from Daily Kos:

Robert Novak was no friend of freedom. Yet, he will be eulogized by the wingnuts on the same level as Walter Cronkite -- who they continue to villainize weeks after his burial with snarky posts about the memorial service announced in his honor today. They will make rude comments about how "the media" isn't giving Novak the same honor as Cronkite rightfully received. It won't dawn on them that the reason for that might be Novak concentrated on tearing down while Cronkite focused on building up.

Novak was typical of his fellow travelers. If you can't say something nice about someone -- write a 500-word column and call that person all sorts of vile names. His politics were the politics of the sneer, the innuendo, the half-truth and the outright lie. He was, from all appearances, an angry, bitter man.

I think we need to avoid the trap of speaking ill of the dead with the same kind of 4th grade taunts that the wingers would employ when a pundit from our side of the aisle gives up the ghost. As we discuss this, I would ask folks to remember that he died of the same affliction that Teddy Kennedy is suffering from. Cancer is no respecter of persons... or politics. We can talk about his politics, the harm he has done, the lives destroyed by his words. But let's refrain from the same kind of celebrations we on the left can expect from the thugs on the right when our heros die.
But, in the comments there:

* I Felt a Shudder in The Force ... Like the passing of a dark shadow on a sunny day.

* He wasn't the "Prince of Darkness" ... He was the "Douchebag of Liberty"

* The world is a better place now ... He was a bad, bad man ...

* No fucking loss ... A pox on his rotten soul.

* Shit belongs in the sewer. Robert Novack belongs in Hell.

* Cool ... Seriously, to hell with this false eulogizing of morally corrupt men.

Screw Novak, W.F. Buckley, and whatever evil, dessicated corpse happens to fall next off of the Conservative Establishment bandwagon.
From Joe. My. God.:

* Good. This world would've been better without him.

* It's unkind to say it but I'm going to anyway -- this man was the type that is so mean-spirited (like Lee Atwater) his own brain turned against him and murdered him.

* Some people do reap what they sow. The weight of bile and hatred wearing down on the Earth is lessened today.

* Novak was also known to have notoriously bad hygiene; his body odor the physical manifestation of the mental stink from his bitterness that he was born in the wrong place and the wrong time and, thus, missed out on working for the Third Reich.

* How very sad that this news didn't come years ago.

* Mother always said to speak good of the dead. Robert Novak is dead. Good.

* Ukranian Jew , who converted to Catholicism...what else do you need to know? From stupid religion to stupidest religion. Evil piece of shit. Rot in....well, wherever.
From Lawyers, Guns and Money:

* Fuck Bob Novak sideways ...

* Novak trumpted the conservative refrain against government programs while collecting a check from the corporation for public broadcasting. Hypocrite is the word.

* That resolves the argument about whether Novak or Dick Cheney is the vilest man in America.

* Well, if the public option goes down, I guess I'll have *something* to cheer me up.
From Think Progress:

* Sorry, can't think of anything nice to say.

* good.

* Keeps telling self: "respect the dead. respect the dead. respect the dead. respect the dead."

Wondering why in this case.....

* Hope your Corvette door didn't hit your butt as you fell out...

* Suffering from a deadly disease, no matter how nasty and awful it is, does not clean the slate regarding whatever evil actions he did while he was alive.

His family deserves our best wishes; his corpse does not.

* My sympathies to those who survive him. Other than that...


* My only regret is that he died before doing time for his crimes.

* PLENTY of republicans where he's going.

* He didn't really die, he has just retreated to the coffin during the daylight hours.

* Traitor.

On the very first page of his book, he made no mistake about his acid disdain for Joe Wilson, prior to becoming involved in outing Valerie. I'd have liked it had he died in prison.

* Novak was a despicable human being. The world will be a better place with him gone.
* Why not speak ill of a man who caused pain on the living? Death is part of living and his death took too long in coming.

He was a liar and one of the forefathers who torn this nation apart.

Good riddance.

* Joliet, IL rejoices over the loss of it's native son.

The "Prince of Darkness" meets the REAL "Prince of Darkness".

Say "f*** you" to Reagan for me, Novak.

* Now I am waiting for Fatbo to keel over.

* There was a point in Novak's life where he had to choose between good and evil. Novak chose evil.

* Novak was a bigger traitor than Tim McVie. He certianly caused more damage to our country.

* I heard SATAN is having a "welcome home" party tonight!

* Good. Too bad it didn't happen before this despicable bastard had done so much damage. Rot in hell you bastard.

When Senator Edward Kennedy was diagnosed with brain cancer, conservatives had nothing but kind things to say. See, "On Death and Decency: The Absence of Divine Soul on the Contemporary Left."

For a taste of the conservative reaction to Novak's death, see Robert Stacy McCain, "ROBERT NOVAK, R.I.P. Also, Ed Morrissey at Hot Air, "Robert Novak, RIP (1931-2009)." See all the reactions at Memeorandum.

Added: From The Astute Bloggers, "NOVAK VERSUS CRONKITE":

Despite the fact that he wrote more news and news analysis than Cronkite, and did so for more decades ... and despite the fact that he was a cable news pioneer and appeared on TV for cumulatively more hours than Cronkite ... neither Obama or Hillary will speak at his memorial - though they will be speaking at Cronkite's.


Lynn R. Mitchell said...

That is purely evil. To think those people walk the streets is a scary thought ... where do they find such hatred for someone who has passed?

Dave said...

Liberal "compassion" on display. Gotta love it when things like this happen, as these lefty hypocrites never fail to reveal themselves for the hate-filled, sick, brain-damaged, no-class animals they truly are.

R.I.P. Mr. Novak, as the reaction of these lefties to your passing proves that you hit 'em right between the eyes your entire career.


Mark Harvey said...

Who gives a rat's ass about the fools on the left? Just sayin'.

Dennis said...

This is an ample example of why everyone should fear the left being in charge of anything, especially healthcare. This kind of "compassion" for a fellow human being demonstrates the compassion that the Left would show senior citizens, the disabled, et al. They can always find a justification for hate because that is the only real emotion they have within them.
It is really easy to envision these same poor excuses for human beings enjoying putting others to death for their own pleasure and gain. One can hear them saying, "Kill them damn old people. They have nothing to live for. God damn people are taking up my space. I cannot stand them. Death to the old coots."
This is the left personified and is indicative of the pure evil that is the true dark side.
Mark, I care because these people want to control my healthcare and almost every other part of my existence. It matters and every person who would be subject to the federal government needs to understand that these are the people driving Obamacare and much of the left's desire for control.

Jan said...

How utterly despicable, and hypocritical, are the words of those whom have spoken out against this man.

It seems they have no reverence of anything, or anyone, other than themselves, and others in the same moral decline.

My sincere condolences to the family of Mr. Novak.

Douglas V. Gibbs said...

Typical hate by the Left. It amazes me how they accuse everyone of being so filled of hate, when to see true hate, all they need to do is look in the mirror.

AJR79 said...

A traitor who outed an active CIA agent died.

Boo Hoo, what a great man he was.

He made his own bed, now he's lying in it.

PRH said...

Since ALL Leftist are going to Hell anyway, if Novak is there, they can dine with him...but I have a feeling, the lefties will be busy covering the pitchfork marks on their asses with triple ointment, and wondering what the Hell happened?

Hey AJR79..that slimey c**t was not a active CIA Agent..just a paper pusher, you fvcking moron.

Larry said...

Thanks, PRH, you beat me to it. No other group has to repeat its memes so constantly as the left - its the only possible way to keep the charades that are their lives together.

I still shake my head at how we, as a country, came to have populace, 1/3 of which violently hates itself and everything around it.

Anonymous said...

Many of the vile comments could be republished when the hero of the left, Ted Kennedy, passes over the vail. Could be, but will not be. I cannot begin to understand the hatred for any and all who die and are not part of the 'left'. What sad individuals they must be.

Dave said...


LOL-Looks as though a Kosturd escaped from the liberal toilet.

Time to call ShitBusters, Inc.


Righty64 said...

Sad, very sad. But, it shows what excites those on the left. Death. Whether it is in the womb or euthanasia. Death is what turns these "people" on.

Trish said...

I wonder how many of these people even knew what Novak stood for, or ever read him. They sure do know how to spew forth hatred, and manage to somehow include Bush in their hate speech.