Saturday, August 15, 2009

Shannon Bream and Griff Jenkins on ACORN Astroturfing at Arlen Specter Town Hall: 'A Referendum on Washington'

This updates my report from last night on the ACORN thugs who were bused into Arlen Specter town hall on Wednesday.

Check out Shannon Bream and Griff Jenkins at
the video. ACORN confirmed the group's Astroturfing to Fox News. At about 3:20 minutes, Jenkins argues that the town halls are "more a referendum on Washington than a discussion on about health care":

See also, "Inside ACORN's Presence at Penn. Town Hall."

Plus, Gateway Pundit, "Terrific!... Greta Interviews Couple Who Filmed ACORN Buses At Penn Town Hall."


Charles Rinehart said...

Fox News has the left reeling. Facts, video's, guotes, and audio has the left stupid enough to downplay and deny it all, but normal people know what the truth is. Acorn is a piece of crap organization, and thanks to Beck and Fox for bringing light to this garbage group. Great blog here. All the best.